What it is:

It is a space where volunteers from different parts of the world are incorporated into the programs, projects and actions carried out by the “Fundación Educativa Centro del Amanecer”; enriching themselves with the experiences obtained in the activities carried out in the institution and, through cultural exchange, living with Ecuadorian families.

In addition to the participation of foreign volunteers, the Foundation has national volunteers. The volunteer must be willing to carry out activities and accompany the children and adolescents. They become familiar and assimilate the constructivist methodology in previously agreed activities, with inter-institutional, national and personal agreements that make their integration visible for periods of 3 to 10 months.


Promote the integration of national and foreign young people to the work of the Foundation’s programs for the benefit of children, adolescents and parents. To contribute with their initiatives and knowledge at the same time that they carry out a process of inter-cultural integration.

Where you can volunteer:

The volunteer work is carried out at the Foundation’s headquarters located in the Tumbaco Valley (Ecuador), in its program “Institución Educativa Constructivista Centro del Amanecer”. The foreign volunteers stay in families that are determined by the institutions that make possible their arrival and stay in Ecuador or in families of the children and adolescents of the School, when they make direct contact with us.

CDA Educational Center

At the CDA, volunteers support the educators of the Educational Center in the operational part of accompanying children and adolescents on a daily basis. They implement the actions programmed in the weekly Technical Colloquium, for the realization of projects and activities, with the use of concrete material and other constructivist educational tools.

Dissemination and training program.

The objectives of the training and dissemination program are to transmit the constructivist/environmental methodology to the team of educators, parents and people interested in deepening actions that involve educating through this methodology in educational institutions and, in the short term, through an agreement with the Ministry of Education, to transmit our 27 years of experience to other educational institutions. This State organism promotes that national education should be social constructivist.