#YoApoyoalCDA is a campaign that aims to raise funds for the Educational Institution Centro del Amanecer (CDA) to continue supporting the formation of children and adolescents, with a model of education based on respect for the self and the environment.


What is the CDA?

It is a program of the Fundación Educativa Centro del Amanecer that has been working for more than 28 years in the formation of children and young people based on the development of a methodology that promotes autonomy and is based on the exercise of respect and affection. This program works with the operation of an educational institution in Quito, Ecuador.

En el Centro de Estudios Amanecer (CDA) los niños, las niñas y los adolescentes son los principales gestores de su proceso educativo

Why the campaign?

Ecuador is going through a deep economic crisis as a result of the effects generated by the COVID-19 Pandemic. This recession has reduced the income of CDA parents (60%). The institution is supported only by tuition payments so it could be closed. To avoid this, a fundraising campaign has been created.

What are the costs that the campaign will cover?

More than 50 children study at the CDA. In order for these children to continue with their educational process, it is necessary to subsidize operational and administrative costs of the institution.

The key costs that need to be addressed are as follows:

  • Payment of salaries to educators and administrative staff;
  • Transportation coverage for students (the school does not have public transportation lines and is located one hour from Quito by private vehicle);
  • Basic services, including telephone and internet;
  • office supplies and teaching materials;
  • Maintenance of the educational campus


All these expenses represent a total of USD.$80,000 for the school year.

What is the expected budget to be covered by parents' tuition payments?

In order to guarantee a minimum coverage of the CDA’s operating and administrative expenses, the campaign is focused on covering entire quarters of the school’s operation, distributed as follows
1st quarter 2nd quarter 3rd quarter

4th quarter

USD$ 20.000

USD$ 20.000 USD$ 20.000 USD$ 20.000

Total: USD. 80.000

That is why we are looking for people interested in making their donations in the following ways:

Contribution 1 quarter: $100 (Support for the School to work 3 months)

Contribution 2 quarters: $200 (Support for the School to work 6 months)

Contribution 3 quarters: $300 (Support for the School to work 9 months)

Contribute 4 quarters: $400 (Support for the School to work 12 months)

When can I make my donation?

Donations can be made from June 2020. The campaign closes in March 2021. During this time you can make your donations whenever you want, and they will be destined to cover the school term that corresponds to your donation date.

How can I be supportive?

By making your donation to the following bank accounts

Banco: Produbanco
Tipo: Ahorros
Número: 11004010288
A nombre: Fundación Educativa Centro del Amanecer
RUC: 1791343468001
Correo: info@cda.ec
Código Swift: PRODEQ
Descripción: “Yo apoyo al CDA”

Anabel Schröder
IBAN: DE68462516300028532802
Kreditinstitut: Sparkasse Attendorn-Lennestadt-Kirchhundem (ALK)

Refer this campaign to your friends. All the information can be found at the following addresse



Contribute with your initiatives. Tell us what you have in mind to help the CDA:

+593 (02) 109-208
+593 997-864-188



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